“Jai Dev Jai Dev Jai Mangal Murti, Darshan Matre Mann Kamana Purti Jai Dev Jai Dev.”

“Hail the God and Hail the auspicious idol of the God, mere glance at the same, all said or unsaid wishes get granted, such is the constructing and blessing energy of Lord Ganesha.”

Program Significance

As one of the revered forms of the formless, Ganesha, the Lord of wisdom, is one of the most lovable emblematic depictions of divinity, emerged to aid the devotees. As the beloved child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Ganesha, as the amalgamated energy of his parents, is the degree and decree of divinity that establishes and creates, in order to serve the spirit with wisdom, prosperity, and spirituality through eternity.

Ganesha’s Sacred Metaphors

  • As Ganesha [Gana (Lord Shiva’s armies) +Isha (master)], is the commander-in-chief of all ganas.
  • As Buddhipriya, he is fond of Buddhi, the bestower of wisdom.
  • As Viganharta, is able to eliminate all obstacles.
  • As Ekdanta, one tusked, shows, or points out the single way to God.
  • As Vakratunda, is one who straightens the crooked, by correcting the crooks of vices.
  • As Pranava mantra, AUM, Ganesha is placed at the beginning of all mantras.
  • As Vinayaka [one without master], he excelled in all masters and all kinds of masteries, with complete wisdom he is his own master.

Ganesha’s Superpowers 

Ganesha is able to eliminate all obstacles, embody all wisdom, and bestow all happiness. With an elephant head and the representational wild mind, Ganesha exhibits the ability to control and manage the same. Divine powers associated with Ganesha consciousness are:
Buddhi (wisdom),
Riddhi (prosperity),
Siddhi (attainments), and
Nidhi (treasures).
These powers are bestowed upon us, rather than earned and acquired by our inner Ganesha through spiritual development while dissolving the karmas, diluting the ego, and liberating the mind from all sorts of matrices. Ganesha imagery is in fact the spiritual cue to invoke and establish our own deepest, purest, and truest Ganesha-like nature.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

Being the presiding deity of the root chakra, Lord Ganesha, is worshiped prior to any new materialistic as well as spiritualistic undertakings, to seek blessings for obstacle-free accomplishments. Through prayers, mantras, and meditations the invocation and worship of Lord Ganesha are done for 11 days followed by visarjan (immersion), the farewell with gratitude.

Soulfullivingllc invites you to welcome Lord of beginnings, auspiciousness, and positiveness and join the festivities of Ganesha Chaturthi with devotion and reverence in his magnificent brilliance!
May we all contribute to collective prayers and meditations to purify our hearts and steady our minds while channelizing the positive energy to remove hurdles, resolve conflicts, and develop virtues!

Schedule & Time

Starting on Aug 31st - Sep 9th

Shri Ganesh Chaturthi – 10-day Meditation.


9:15 PM -10:00 PM EST


6:45 AM-7:30 AM IST









All Levels

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Who is Dr. Divya Purna ?

Divya Purna is an established and well recognized highly tuned Cosmic Healer. For over two decades, Divya regularly practices various advance meditations taught by many revered masters who came as Gurus in her ongoing and past lives. While extending utmost honor and constant adulation to all her physical and ascended astral masters, presently, Divya considers Lord Shiva as her Guru. With the wisdom bestowed upon her, Divya designed unique meditations to match diverse needs and varied levels. With her discerning clairvoyant abilities, she can communicate with people’s subconscious mind and any attached entities. Her knowledge of Quantum Physics and Spirituality is unparalleled. She is capable of invoking individual’s spirit guides and extremely powerful and compassionate divine energies. She mastered an eleven syllable chant to produce a very high vibration sound energy. Besides great introduction, her awakened pious soul is immensely respected, trusted and loved by many.

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