The auspicious night of Maha Shivratri is idyllically centered and relatively intended for self-evolution and self-realization. Sublimely, the festive-holy night of Maha Shivratri is observed by performing both ritualistic as well as spiritualistic activities for physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual refinement and realization through fasting, prayers, chanting, meditations, scriptures’ comprehension, offerings, and unconditional services in order to contribute towards one’s health, healing, happiness, and holiness.

Significance of MahaShivratri

Mythologically, MahaShivratri is believed to be the most cherished and celebrated wedding of Goddess Parvati and her beloved Lord Shiva to unite with each other forever, forevermore. Metaphorically, Goddess Parvati denotes our awareness and Lord Shiva is the ultimate consciousness that we starve to attain. On a transcendental gleam, on this day, Lord Shiva is worshiped by his ardent devotees to seek his blessings in order to delve, grasp, and master their self-awareness through unique meditational practices. The astrological and astronomical calculations are believed to be spiritually favorable during this time and space, and thus is a widely accepted periodic event, devotionally known as MahaShivrati is notable. Therefore, in light of such a belief, through grace and guidance of Lord Shiva himself, an individual awareness is centered and channeled towards higher consciousness for an elated and elevated progression to attain Spiritual Enlightenment. Besides, an inner transformational journey transpires at multilevel from dormant potential to dynamic kinetics, gross carbonic physical body to subtle etheric and astral bodies, subtlest causal to crystalline light super-causal body, emerging ample cathartic physiological, psychological, philosophical, relational, and monetary rewards

Invaluable Benedictions of MahaShivratri

The program remains divinely designed and abided by channeled directives and guidance to establish multifront expansion and progression. Distinctive meditations and deep messages as exquisite segments of the program activate seven energy channels(chakras) and align five bodies to prepare one to enter the tenth holy gate that opens towards highest-most consciousness. Since the greater possibilities of our external accomplishments significantly depend on the internal realization of our potential and power, the program may demonstrate and strengthen one’s belief and confidence in this Universal principle once the manifestations exceed the expectations.

Science, Spirituality, and Sound of Shiva’s Damru

  • Connect to the context and mystery of cosmic rhythm to consciously recognize and resonate the same within, such as the sound of the heartbeat, breath, blood pulsating in arteries.
  • Comprehend the synchronal, simultaneal, and sensorial coordination of biological and energetical systems with respect to Universal laws of gravity, electromagnetics, spatial, force, vibration, energy, etc. 
  • Awakening the serpent energy (Kundalini Shakti) of each being and that of each subatomic particle within and without.
  • Enchanting, calming, and trancing effect leading towards a tamed mind, healing, inner peace, insight, concentration, wisdom, unity, and divinity.
  • Subtle divine transmission and deeper communication from higher dimensions.
  • Dispel egotistical negativity and darkness, create revered space to access heavenly guidance.
  • Maintain symmetry and equilibrium at the heart center, by balancing the top three energy centers (spiritual dignity) and bottom three energy centers (worldly decorum).
  • Suggests an opponent’s yet unison of the immortal and mortal realms.
  • Symbol of infinity, in control of the creator’s hand(power).
  • As an hourglass shape, indicates the three aspects of the Universe, viz., creation, sustenance, and destruction.
  • Harmonized masculine and feminine energies of the Macrocosm and that of an individual, the Microcosm.

Schedule & Time

Starting on 18th Feb 2023

For India : 11:00-11:30AM IST

For USA : 12:30 AM -1:00 AM EST

For India: 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM IST

For USA: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST



Morning meditation


Evening meditation


Morning and Evening
Recording- Free


Morning meditation


Evening meditation


Morning and Evening
Recording- Free


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Mahashivratri Program Construct

As ingeniously channeled, MahaShivratri meditations are devised around the primal reverberation of Lord Shiva’s Damru-Naad.

“Agad Bam, Babam Bam, Babam Bam, Bam Shiv Lehri”

In conjunction with the celestial sounds of Damru (the pelleted drum, a percussion instrument), we wholeheartedly pray to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva, the purveyor of spiritual upsurge and holy abundance!

“Har Har Mahadev”

Lord Mahadev removes shackles of vices while bestowing upon all, his godly strength and virtues!

In everyone resides Lord Mahadev as their consciousness!

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Who is Dr. Divya Purna ?

Divya Purna is an established and well recognized highly tuned Cosmic Healer. For over two decades, Divya regularly practices various advance meditations taught by many revered masters who came as Gurus in her ongoing and past lives. While extending utmost honor and constant adulation to all her physical and ascended astral masters, presently, Divya considers Lord Shiva as her Guru. With the wisdom bestowed upon her, Divya designed unique meditations to match diverse needs and varied levels. With her discerning clairvoyant abilities, she can communicate with people’s subconscious mind and any attached entities. Her knowledge of Quantum Physics and Spirituality is unparalleled. She is capable of invoking individual’s spirit guides and extremely powerful and compassionate divine energies. She mastered an eleven syllable chant to produce a very high vibration sound energy. Besides great introduction, her awakened pious soul is immensely respected, trusted and loved by many.

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