We are proud to announce and commence a complementary healing program dedicated to establishing trust and evolving hope in this scientific practice and substantial possibilities of healing, among necessitous and skeptics as well.

The program is offered free of fee and is periodically scheduled for Friday and Sunday (20th May & 22nd May 2023). Prefer to join the meditation, experience the deep healing personally, and board on a journey of wholeness and holiness. 

Learn and Experience Multifold Healing

  • Body, mind, and soul integration and alignment for strength and completeness within.
  • Cellular level integration and alignment to improve feasibility to hold and retain light for wellbeing.
  • Mental level integration and alignment to create evolutionary methods for purity of thoughts towards accelerated expansion.
  • Soul level integration and alignment to enter divine doorways for inner peace and insightful manifestations. 

Schedule & Time

Starting from 20th May & 22nd May 2023

The Program is free on Friday and Sunday


For USA:  9:30 PM – 10:30 PM EST(20th May)
For India:  7:00 AM – 8:00 AM IST(21st May)


For USA:  11:00 AM – 12:00 AM EST(22nd May 2022)
For India:  8:30 PM – 9:30 PM IST(22nd May 2022)



Complimentary healing

If this in-person workshop, is on later date, we have online courses available for you to check out , right now .

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EE: Faith and Gratitude on Self and Source.
May health and healing be on your side!

Love and Prayers,
Dr. Divya Madan

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Who is Dr. Divya Purna ?

Divya Purna is an established and well recognized highly tuned Cosmic Healer. For over two decades, Divya regularly practices various advance meditations taught by many revered masters who came as Gurus in her ongoing and past lives. While extending utmost honor and constant adulation to all her physical and ascended astral masters, presently, Divya considers Lord Shiva as her Guru. With the wisdom bestowed upon her, Divya designed unique meditations to match diverse needs and varied levels. With her discerning clairvoyant abilities, she can communicate with people’s subconscious mind and any attached entities. Her knowledge of Quantum Physics and Spirituality is unparalleled. She is capable of invoking individual’s spirit guides and extremely powerful and compassionate divine energies. She mastered an eleven syllable chant to produce a very high vibration sound energy. Besides great introduction, her awakened pious soul is immensely respected, trusted and loved by many.

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