Spiritual laws are the principles of life, if mastered and coordinated together, will offer awareness to consciously live a fulfilling, happy and successful life.

The program is devised to understand invisible, immutable, and eternal spiritual laws to mindfully amend and intelligently organize your life.

The program emphasis would primarily be on

Comprehensive Detox, Element Balancing, and Chakra Alignment through discourses and guided meditations. 

Significance of NavAvran Sadhna

Comprehensive understanding of:

    • Bhog(infinite manifestation and fulfillment),
    • Moksha (destruction of karmas and dissolution of ego),
    • Shunya(serene stillness),
    • Srishti (progressive creative awareness),
    • Sanghaar(dematerialization awareness),
    • Sthiti(existential awareness),
    • Ultimate Reality (differentiate Maya(illusion), Lila(play), and Satya (Truth)), and
    • Shiva (the Supreme Consciousness).

Day 1-3

Detox Prakriti 

Prakriti (the unique individual constitution) is the natural state of one’s being established by combination of vata, pitta, and kapha doshas, expressing distinct physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual characteristics and proneness towards certain challenges. Heal yourself with multileveled detox.

Physical detox 

  • remove toxins from the body. 
  • restore vata, pitta, and kapha imbalances.   
  • reinstate the body’s pH and natural equilibrium. 
  • retain healthy weight to eliminate stress on cells.

Emotional detox

  • identify and release blocked emotional baggage.
  • greater emotional freedom and resilience. 
  • acknowledge and process emotions in a productive way.

Mental detox

  • clear and declutter mind from toxic thoughts.
  • reduce mental stress.
  • improve cognition and clarity.
  • build an empowering mindset.
  • greater resilience and responsiveness 

Intellectual detox

  • shift irrational concepts and beliefs.
  • expand ideas and perspectives.
  • improve intelligence.
  • stimulate creativity.

Spiritual detox

  • unblock connection with your higher self and the Universe.
  • release negative energy. 
  • sharpen insight.
  • enrich psyche.

Days 4-6 Balance Elements

Our physiological, psychological, and philosophical wellbeing is preserved by the purity and correct composition of the five elements viz. earth, water, fire, air, and ether, that are associated with specific attributes. Heal yourself by balancing five elements of the body to upgrade overall quality of life.  

Day 7-9 Align Chakra

Through seven energy vortices, the life force energy flows to corresponding organs. Heal your body, mind, and soul by aligning chakras in the most harmonious state by prompting free flow of energy through each chakra. 

  • open the blocked chakras.
  • normalize over or under active chakra.
  • mend impaired chakras and their petals.


Schedule & Time

1st May- 9th May 2023 Time: 9:30 PM-10:30 PM USA(EST)

2nd May-10th May 2023 Time: 7:00 - 8:00 AM INDIA



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Who is Dr. Divya Purna ?

Divya Purna is an established and well recognized highly tuned Cosmic Healer. For over two decades, Divya regularly practices various advance meditations taught by many revered masters who came as Gurus in her ongoing and past lives. While extending utmost honor and constant adulation to all her physical and ascended astral masters, presently, Divya considers Lord Shiva as her Guru. With the wisdom bestowed upon her, Divya designed unique meditations to match diverse needs and varied levels. With her discerning clairvoyant abilities, she can communicate with people’s subconscious mind and any attached entities. Her knowledge of Quantum Physics and Spirituality is unparalleled. She is capable of invoking individual’s spirit guides and extremely powerful and compassionate divine energies. She mastered an eleven syllable chant to produce a very high vibration sound energy. Besides great introduction, her awakened pious soul is immensely respected, trusted and loved by many.

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